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Enrichment Lecturer

Roy Short is a retired Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting who has spent the past thirty years studying and teaching. In the early 80’s he formed a private consulting company called "Short On Time" which performed time management and productivity seminars for businesses. Due to its part-time nature however he was unable to devote sufficient resources to meet the demand for travel and preparation and suspended this practice after a couple years.

His interest in genealogy started as a hobby and grew more intense as he enjoyed success in discovering ancestors. In subsequent years he qualified for membership in The Sons of the American Revolution, The Mayflower Society, The Jamestown Society, The Board of Certification of Genealogists, and dozens of others. 

Upon retirement from corporate consulting he re-launched "Short On Time" as a Professional Genealogy practice and has conducted seminars and workshops on a wide range of family search topics.

More recently, his passion for motion pictures has prompted him to create a portfolio of "Tribute" modules which explore and explain different aspects of movie making, stars and genres. These presentations include fun clips, commentary and music and have been very well received in both club and cruise ship theater settings. He now spends most of his time entertaining and educating cruise passengers in Hollywood, History and Genealogy.

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